milligan bums crocs

i have so much homework to do in the next few weeks it might literally kill me

like i’m not even going to be half ass-ing my work i’m going to be like, quarter ass-ing

1/8 ass-ing

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i love how hannibal doesn’t usually show like cruelty to animals even though people get eaten

like that show The Following they were showing dogs getting tortured within like the first 3 episodes

that show was out of control

like i literally didn’t know what i was supposed to be feeling at any given moment while i was watching that shit

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i better be in this shit

i do not cater to people who don’t reblog my selfies

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im writing crob xmen au stuff i’m so ashamed 

dont worry it’ll never be fully formed and i’ll never publish it 

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i really love describing characters physical appearances and i really love READING people describe people/character’s physical appearances

i feel like what you choose to say and how you choose to say it says a lot about the character, what draws the person’s eye to them, and what they’re like as a person

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I feel like we have more slutty Jimmy than we have slutty Thomas. 

and in a lot of thommy fics I feel like it’s Jimmy being all like “whoo now that i’m gay i’m going to REALLY let loose tie me to a bed and wear a dress” and Thomas being like “*scandalized gasp* you naughty thing well of course i have to oblige” 

which is gr8 dont get me wrong but i feel like we need more like thomas being “so jimmy now that we’re in a relationship i was wondering when we can bring branson into the bedroom for a hate threesome and by the way I know you’re a little wary of homosexuality being too girly for you but i really do need your opinion on if the red lace panties i’m currently wearing under my livery go well with my skin tone. and Carson did say I should’ve been horse whipped for kissing you in your sleep and y’know I find that I don’t totally disagree with that and i was wondering if you agreed to and would be willing to do the honors? i found some paraphernalia in the stables that I think could really come in handy anyway I guess we can talk about this after I’m done giving you a blowjob under the dining room table” 

or something like that y’know? 

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i feel like “slutty Thomas” should be more of a trope than it is

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that selfie was cute give it notes

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normal blogging positions part #9380498 

normal blogging positions part #9380498 

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